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To prevent any potential issues with your chimney it is recommended that you have your chimney serviced regularly. Our chimney services include:


Brickwork is a form of masonry that involves the laying of bricks and mortar. Here at England Chimney and Masonry, we have mastered the art of brickworking. We use the knowledge gained from over 20 years of experience to build completely custom, beautiful chimneys. If you are looking for a new chimney in Hennepin County, give us a call today!


Tuckpointing is a form of mortar repair that involves filling gaps between mortar and bricks on masonry chimney and walls by coordinating the color of the mortar to match the brick. With over 2 decades of experience in the masonry industry, we are experts in tuckpointing. If you are looking for a tuckpointing contractor in Hennepin County, give us a call today and receive a free estimate.

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